Asalaamu’alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa baraktuh,
We are pleased to announce the beginning of the Weekday and Weekend Maktab Alhamdulillah.
Weekday Maktab Time: 5 PM to 7 PM, Monday through Thursday. Starting  September 5, 2023
(NEW & REVISED) Weekend Maktab Time: 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM, Saturday AND Sunday. Starting September 9, 2023
Zakaria Islamic Academy provides quality education for youth to learn the essence of their religion and as a result increase in their love for it.

Our curriculum consists of Quran lesson that emphasize on equipping our students with proper tajweed. The Islamic Studies portion consists of learning the five pillar of Islam and ways to practically implement. Good Manner are Part of Islam. We emphasize on correct tarbiya of our students and have a section for Seerah of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ, Islamic Law (Fiqh), and a keenness to ensure proper etiquettes (Adaab) of a believer are learned.

We believe in quality education in an inviting atmosphere. All lessons are taught by our qualified teachers.




Zakaria Islamic Academy offer classes for youth of all ages to learn and increase their love of Islam. We offer Quranic Studies, where the students will learn how to read the Quran with proper Tajweed. We also offer Islamic Studies, where the students learn about Prayer, Islamic History, Seerah of our Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم), Fiqh, Adaab (being good humans), and so much more.

The students learn in a wonderful atmosphere, along with other similar minded students, under qualified teachers. We are very pleased to announce that we have more than a hundred students joining us yearly, Alhamdulillah.

Please feel free to contact our Director, Mufti Saad for any questions or concerns: Or (571)699-8825

***** To register your child, please click on “Register” below. The link will redirect to the school registration system. The parent account will need to be register first before the child(ren) registration.
For financial assistant, please contact Mufti Saad at Or (571)699-8825