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Mission Statement

Zakaria Islamic Academy’s mission is to provide all the necessary religious services that help a diverse community of believers in Allah (The Most High) and followers of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) to flourish and thrive in the society we live. These services include but are not limited to communal worship, education, spiritual development, charity & service to others and the propagation of the Islamic way of life. Started in 2004, Zakaria Islamic Academy is not-for profit 501(c) (3) organization based in Chantilly VA, serving the needs of the community. Federal Tax ID Number: 80-0274363. Zakaria Islamic Academy operates 2 full time locations (Zakaria Masjid & Zakaria Islamic Academy Musallah), 2 Jumaa salaats , and 2 Taraweeh in the month of Ramadaan. On a weekly basis Zakaria Islamic Academy organizes visitations in the community to encourage Muslims to populate the masaajids and also visit the sick. Quran classes for children and adults are conducted every evening, with future plans of starting full time Quran Hifz program. Zakaria Islamic Academy holds its annual BBQ during the months of September-October depending upon the weather. Children, women and men are all welcome at Zakaria Islamic Academy. We shall strive to provide appropriate and separate accommodation for men and women.

Our Vision

“EDUCATE, PRACTICE, PROPAGATE” (i.e. ILM, AMAAL, DAWAH) Zakaria Islamic Academy’s vision is to be a community of active Muslims who seek the pleasure of Allah (The Most High) by following the Sunnah of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and fulfilling our responsibility to learn, implement, and spread the Islamic way of life

A Place For You

Our Islamic Center takes pride in its heritage of diversity, open-mindedness, civic engagement and community building. Get to know what makes us tick — our approach to Islam and our definition of the Amershahan Muslim identity, all of which shape the character of our community.

ZIA Management

Mufti Saad

Director and the Head Imam

Br. Shoukat Nawaz


Br. Shamsul Usmani


Br. Amir Akhtar


Br. Zubair Shaikh

Board Member

Br. Saleem Mohammed

Board Member