Hifz Program

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Zakaria Islamic Academy is exicted to present our first year of Full time Hifz program where students can become Huffaz, who connect with the Quran without missing out on the secular education, إن شاء الله

ZIA Tahfeez Program
  1. Classes will begin September 2 inshaAllah. Class schedule will be as follows:
    • 8:00-12:45 will be tahfeez
    • 12:45-1:20 will be lunch/break
    • 1:20-1:45 will be Dhuhr
    • 1:45-2:00 will be deeniyat
    • 2:15-4:30 will be grades 3 – 8
    • 3:15-5:15 will be grades 9 – 12

Secular education:
Grades 3-8 will cover 4 subjects: Math, English, History, Science.
Grades 9-12 will cover the above 4 subjects as well as electives required for High School diploma.

  1. Class intstructors
    • Ustadh Ibraheem will be the main tahfeez teacher
    • Imam Tahir will be the backup tahfeez teacher
    • Bayaan Academy will be responsible for secular education (https://bayaanacademy.com/)
  2. Vacations
    • There will be 4 weeks off in the year. Both Eids, last week of December and 1st week of July.
  3. Requirements
    • The student must be 8+ years old
    • The student must be able to read the Quran