Weekly Meeting on 07/08/2024

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


JULY 8, 2024

Attendees: Mufti Saad, Maulana Ibraheem Khan, Amir Akhtar, Mohammed Saleem, Adil Sayeed

  1. Marial Arts: Need to pay for the invoice for the mats. They will also be used for salat. Students need to be informed that they need to go to deck directly instead of passing through the salat area.
  2. Hifz: Plan is to start classes in Fall 2024. Imams are working out the details with parents.
  3. Summer Maktab: There are 60 to 65 students in each class of boys and girls. Alhamdulillah there are 4 ulemas on each side and 2 teachers (one is Hafiza), and 2 volunteer teachers as well. Maulana Ibraheem khan will be out of town from July 19.
  4. Parenting Seminar: Dr. Nasir and Dr. Uzma will lead the parenting seminar at Zakaria masjid on July 21, 2024.
  5. Ashura Program: Zakaria masjid and Madani masjid will have Ashura program on Tuesday July 16.
  6. High school Jumuahs: Effort will be made to start Jumuahs at John Champe, Lightridge and Freedom school. Work with students and MSA to coordinate the start this Fall.
  7. Sisters Youth Halaqa: Mufti Saad will have meeting with group and ladies ulama about this program.
  8. Cleaning Maintenance: Proposed cleaning of the carpet will be once a month at Zakaria Masjid. Next meeting will discuss for Madani masjid as well.
  9. Zakaria Islamic Academy Committees: In consultation with Mufti Saad and Saleem various committees will be formed and heads of the committee and vice heads will be decided.