Weekly Meeting on 4/18/2024

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
APRIL 18, 2024

Attendees: Mufti Saad, Amir Akhtar, Shoukat Nawaz, Zubair Shaikh, Rashid Noor,  Mohammed Saleem, Nasir Vohra

  1. Construction Update: Look for volunteers for MEP and other plans. Waiting for Loudoun County comments on site plan. After approval update the community about it.
  2. Committees: Rashid, Farrokh and Siddiq are on the IT committee. Other committees will be formed after discussion between Saleem and Mufti Saad.
  3. Maintenance: Clarify Zakat, Sadaqa and General masjid donation on the boxes. Saleem requested for gravel with Liaqat khan.
  4. Maktab and Summer Camp: Summer camp notification will be sent out and fees is $200 for entire summer camp of 8 weeks. Exploring with maktab hours can be tracked in the maktab application.
  5. Madani Maintenance: Salaat timings are being updated on the ZIA website and app.