Weekly Meeting on 3/7/2024

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


MARCH 7, 2024

Attendees: Mufti Saad, Maulana Ibraheem Khan, Maulana Tahir, Amir Akhtar, Shoukat Nawaz, Farrokh Syed, Rashid Noor, Adil Sayeed, Mohammed Saleem, Zubair Shaikh

  1. Construction Update:Proffer form was submitted. Invoice needs to be paid.
  2. Maintenance:Need to follow up on septic tank getting filled. Carpet cleaning completed. Need to schedule potholes repair. Need to follow up on invoice for drain work that was completed.
  3. Ramadan 1445 H:Eight Ramadan iftars are fixed for every Friday and Saturday. Madani masjid khatm is on 27th night and Arcola khatm is on 29th Ramadan. Fundraising will be done at two places on day of khatm.
  4. Madani Maintenance:  Madani salat timings fixed and brochure sent out.
  5. Adams Meeting : Meeting to be scheduled to meet with Adams board
  6. Politicians and Others:All politicians including muslims will be given side table and announcement will be made by ZIA.
  7. Childcare/Babysitting:During Ramadan taraweeh chidcare was looked at and room could not be obtained.
  8. Eid Party:Eid party will take place and details need to be finalized.
  9. Zakat:Zakat information and forms are available on the website.