Weekly Meeting on 2/8/2024

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


FEBRUARY 8, 2024

Attendees: Mufti Saad, Maulana Ibraheem Khan, Amir Akhtar, Shoukat Nawaz, Adil Sayeed, Mohammed Saleem,  Zubair Shaikh

  • Construction Update: Meeting set for the construction committee on Sunday 2-11-24 scheduled to discuss wall thickness, front of building and siding.  Existing and proposed septic tanks will need to marked in the revised site plan. Ghulam Majeed Jahangir is included in Construction committee. Need to schedule meeting for Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Utilities etc.  
  • Maintenance: Drain was built by Brother Saleh as suggested by Shoukat. Need to follow up on septic tank getting filled. Need to schedule carpet cleaning.
  • Maktab:  Rashid and Nasir will help with Maktab affairs.
  • Ramadan 1445 H: MESBAH will announce during Friday prayer and educate the community and no fundraising will be made by them.
  • Madani Maintenance: Ghulam Majeed will work to repair roof repair. Septic tank alarm needs to be installed/fixed. Imams and volunteers to meet for Madani salat timings.
  • Adopt A Road : Nasir will coordinate for a clean up before Ramadan.
  • Hifz :  Need to hold another meeting for place, infrastructure and teacher and students for hifz.