Weekly Meeting on 07/20/2023

Meeting Attendees:Mufti Saab, Moulana Ibrahim, Mansoor Gooty, Br Amir Akhtar, Br Nasir, Br Rashid, Br Zubair
Action Items
Jumaa Updates:After English Bayaan give 5 minutes for Sunnah. Then Azan and Arabic Khutba, then salat.
Sunday School Update:Sunday school sister uzma & sister Habiba will not return . Someone need to take lead,to replace sister teacher. Check with Abdur Rehan teacher .& his wife . Sunday schoool can start weekend after Labor Day.
Maktab Update:Mufti Saad Saab & Moulana Ibrahim will send maktab and Sunday school hours for payment in monthly basis to Br Amir Akhtar.
Youth program:July 24 to sept 2nd M ibhrahim return .4days of youth group classes. 1 hour each .
Hifz Program:Usman will replace m Ibrahim 5-8pm Monday to Thursday during break .
Madani Update:Masjid Committee, Mufti Saab will send details .Mufti Saab will tell Br Siddiq to add registration and books $ when they register. If they loose they pay one on one basis .
Other Updates:July 28 Muharram 10th, Zakaria Masjid will provide iftaar.