Weekly Meeting on 06/15/2023

Meeting Attendees:Br Saleem, Br Siddiq, Mufti Saab, Moulana Ibrahim, Mansoor Gooty, Br Amir Akhtar
Action Items
Eid Al Adha Updates:Arcola Elementary School availability for Eid Salah, will be confirmed shortly. Salah times will be 7:00 am, 9:00 am and 10:30 either at Zakaria Masjid or at the school if the same is available.
Sunday School Update:Ending on 6/17/2023. Sister side planning a mini celebration.
Zul Hijja Update:The first of Zul Hijja will be either on 06/19/2023 or 06/20/2023 based on moon sighting. First nine nights iftar will be provided as a potluck.
Fikh of Zul Hijja will be conducted before iftar during the first nine nights
Other Updates:Brothers are working on project plan for Madani Masjid proposal.
Brother Saleh will work on pot hole filling after the Eid.
Eid Al Adha Qurbani share will be provided at $450 a share.