Weekly Meeting on 06/08/2023

Meeting Attendees:Br Saleem, Br Shoukath, Br Zubair, Mufti Saab, Moulana Ibrahim, Br Rashid Noor, Mansoor
Gooty , Br Nasir Vohra, Br Amir Akhtar
Action Items
Eid Salah Location:Br Rashid Noor will pursue Conclin park for Eid Salah.
Traffic Control:Br Zubair will talk to local police dept for Juma & Other events traffic control.
Pot Hole Filling:Br Saleh will do pot hole fill work before Eid. Pot hole filling needs to be scheduled for 3 to 4 times a year.
Adapter road programMuslims of Zakaria Islamic Academy will volunteer for Adapter Road Program on June 11th after dohr
salah. Multiple groups of volunteers will be made to carry-out the cleaning work. Upon the cleaning work
completion, a related report will be sent to DOT. After finishing of the first cleaning work the adapter
road sign will be put by DOT.
Construction Update:Loudown water comments have been addressed.
Part time Hifz program update:There are 8 students coming every day from monday to thursday and 2 students coming 2 days a week. One person is coming on Sunday.
ZIA Book Keeping:Accounting books of ZIA will be handled by First Tax and Financial Inc.
Legal Advisory:ZIA is planning to engange an attorney for non profit organization related advises.