Weekly Meeting on 06/01/2023

Meeting Attendees:Br Saleem, Br Shoukath, Mufti Saab, Moulana Ibrahim, Rashid Noor, Mansoor
Gooty , Br Nasir Vohra, Br Amir Akhtar, Br Salim Malik
Action Items
Ramadan Volunteer Party:on 06-02-2023 @7:30 PM: Mufti Saab have arranged for food, cake..etc and key chains as gift. Board
appreciation talk will be given by Br Zubair.
Adapter road programMuslims of Zakaria Islamic Academy will volunteer for Adapter Road Program on June 11th after dohr
salah. Multiple groups of volunteers will be made to carry-out the cleaning work. Upon the cleaning work
completion, a related report will be sent to DOT. After finishing of the first cleaning work the adapter
road sign will be put by DOT.
Graduation Programs
ZIA Writing Class Graduation Program:After Dohr Salah on Sunday June 4th 2023
Maktab Graduation:June 8th 2023 between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm
Sunday School Graduation:June 18th 2023 between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm
Summer School Start Date:July 5th and the Program Fee will be $200.0 per student
Eid Al Adha
Eid Salah Time:7:00 am @ Zakaria and 10:00 am @ Park if the same is available
Location:Pinebrook Elementary School is not available, so other school options are being pursued by Br Zubair .
Br Saleem Malik will pursue the Park option.
Eid Al Adha Party:Eid Party on July 2nd 2023. Mufti Saab will find out the party lead.
Construction Update:Loudown water comments have been addressed.
Other Update:Two weeks ago Mufti Saab visited Old age nursing home on behalf of ZIA.