How to be greatful in life

1 – عن أبي هريرة  قال: قال رسول الله :

اْنُظرواإلىَمنهوَأْسَفَلِمنكم،ولا َتْنُظرواإلىَمنهوَفْوَقكم؛فإنَّهَأْجَدُرأْن لا تَ ْز َدروا نِ ْع َم َة ا ِلله َعليكم

(رواه مسلم)

Abu Hurayra  narrates that the Prophet  said, “Look at those who are at a lower than you (in worldly status) and don’t look at those who are of a higher status than you, for it is better-suited such that you do not disparage Allah’s favors.” (Muslim)

Thousands of people in this world suffer depression and dissatisfac- tion in life. A lot of this comes from looking at the material gains in other people’s lives. When we look at people who have better houses than us, better cars than us and are generally more affluent than us, we may feel despondent, dissatisfied, or even envious. However, if we follow this simple but profound advice of the Prophet —by looking at those who are less fortunate—it will lead us to appreciate what we have and be grateful for our situation in life, rather than disparaging the favors that Allah has blessed us with and becoming depressed.