Quran Maktab (Evening Program) Quran Recitation & Memorization

Days: Monday to Thursday

Timing 5:00 pm to 7 pm Starting August 27

Topics: Quran Recitation, Memorization and Prayer, Hadith, Duas, Seerah with Adaab
Beginner students start with the Noorani Program where they learn Arabic alphabets and tajweed rules. Upon completion, they start with Quran recitation and Memorization.
Classes for girls are taught my an Aalimah

Ages: 5+

Tuition: $60 per child, $100 for 2 & $150 for 3

Classes will be taught by qualified teachers, led by Imam Humayun Tokhi & Imam Mustafa and additional teachers maybe available based on enrollments and a Qualified Aalimah will teach the girls


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