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Salat Timing for Zakaria Masjid , 26243 Gum Spring Rd, Chantilly 20152 25th October 2016
Prayer Iqamah
Fajr6:30 am
Sunrise7:30 am
Dhuhur1:30 pm
Asr5:00 pm
Maghrib6:25 pm
Isha8:00 pm

Salat Timings for ZIA Musallah Address, Intersection of Galesbury Lane & Rt 50, Chantilly, VA 20151, USA

Prayer Iqamah
Fajr 6:10 AM
Dhuhur 1:30 PM
Asr 5:30 PM
Maghrib 5 Min
After SS
Isha 8:45 PM
Jumaa 1:15 PM
Jumma Aldie @ 01:15 PM
Virginia Manor Clubhouse, 25930 Lennox Hale Dr, Aldie, VA 20105..
Jumma Chantilly @  Time: 01:15 PM
Comfort Suites, 13980 Metrotech Drive, Chantilly VA 20151. Ask for "Dulles Room"..

Zakaria Islamic Academy

In Ramadaan 2014, Zakaria Islamic Academy (ZIA) purchased 9.5 acres of land for masjid for $650,000 in South Riding/Aldie. Alhamdulillah, in Ramadaan 2015 we FULLY PAID OFF the entire property. Property is completely flat land with no trees, approved for Church by Loudoun County, and has a 1800 sqft single family house. Five daily Salaat, daily Quran education, Sunday evening Quran Tafseer & kids story telling program have started. Our next goal is to increase the size and capacity of existing facility to accommodate 150 worshippers. Estimated cost $150,000. See pictures of property below.


  • To organize religious, educational and charitable activities and to establish, promote, maintain and safeguard a religious institution (Masjid) subscribing to the laws and principles of Islam, as set forth by the Qur’an and Sunnah.
  • To promote achievement by providing continuing education opportunities for individuals through classroom instruction, seminars (Ijtema), teaching and learning of


  • Daily 5 Times Salaah
  • Daily Taleemul Quran program (Monday to Friday)
  • Eid prayers serving over 500 people
  • Two Jumaa salaats conducted at Aldie and Chantilly serving 300 people.
  • Ramadaan Taraweeh salaat at two different locations
  • Weekly Dulles Area Masjids visitation program and mashwaraah.

Updates & Activities

  • In Ramadaan 2014, Zakaria Islamic Academy signed an agreement to purchase 9.5 acres of land for Masjid at 26243 Gum Spring Rd Chantilly VA20152. Total cost of land is $650,000 and has been PAID OFF in full recently in July 2015. Completely flat land with no trees and approved for Church by Loudoun County.